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Tibshelf Parish Council


Derbyshire Village of the Year

Bolsover District Winner 2002

Please Help to Keep Tibshelf Tidy

Take your litter home or put it in a bin


The Village Hall is now open and is available for booking.

Everyone welcome.


ELECTIONS 2003 Results

Tibshelf Parish Council 

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Bolsover District Council

Candidates names in italics not elected. Numbers indicate votes cast.

Allison Beckett (Labour)             622

Michael Coupe (Independent)     734

Raymond Heffer (Independent)         613

Graham Parkin (Labour)                   360

Tibshelf Parish Council

Candidates names in italics not elected. Numbers indicate votes cast for each candidate.

Allison Beckett (Labour)                528

Anthony Boyer (Tibshelf)               512

Deborah Brindley (Tibshelf)          535

Michael Coupe (Independent)       591

Gerry Foley (Tibshelf)                    561

Raymond Heffer (Independent)     491

Caroline Lewis (Tibshelf)              511

Patricia Rhodes (Independent)     425

Pamela Trevelyan (Independent)  427

Gary Wallis (Tibshelf)   490

Timothy Watson (Tibshelf)   599

Lisbeth Adsetts (Labour) 250

Ernest Adsetts (Labour) 247

Glyn Colls (Independent)   276

Ian Kerry (Independent)  284

Julie Naughton (Independent)   355

David Sleath (Independent)   218

Ann Syrett (Labour)  184

Anthony Trafford (Labour)   207

Elected Councillors will serve for period of up to four years. Details of addresses and telephone numbers where your councillors can be contacted will be posted shortly. In the meantime, click on Tibshelf Parish Council