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Due to a change of host, this site is under reconstruction. Certain links will not work and some of the illustrations are missing. Please be patient with us until we can get back fully on line. Thank you.

Mike Coupe

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Why not join our standing order scheme. Just tell us which models you would like to receive and we will send them as soon as they arrive. Each model is securely packaged and they are all sent by first class letter post, post and packing free of charge, so normally you will receive them the next day. Payment before despatch of models is required from new customers.

First class postal facilities apply to UK only. Overseas orders are subject to usual postal services For Impartial Reviews of White Metal Models Click On and charges

For impartial reviews of white metal models click on

Most of the models reviewd on this site can be obtained from Spa Croft Models

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New Brooklin and Lansdowne catalogue now available .

Place your orders for  2001 and receive a free copy. (Catalogues priced at 3.00 each normally)

High Quality White Metal Models of British Cars of the 1930s to the 1960s

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