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Handbuilt Models for the Discerning Collector


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What`s New From Brooklin & Lansdowne in 2002?

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White Labatts Streamliner

Highly detailed model by Brooklin in collaboration with DMP Studios in Canada, and built under license from the Labatts Brewing Company. Due to the expensive nature of this model, initial stock at Brooklin Models Ltd., is limited, and, once depleted, models will be built only on a build to order and on a first come first served basis. The model is due in early March and the RRP is 176. Models can be ordered now for delivery when released.




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Spa Croft Models will be at ModeleX 2002. Please come and pay us a visit.

19th & 20th October 2002

NAC Stoneleigh Park Coventry

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You can order any model shown on this site from Spa Croft Models. Just send us an e-mail, a fax, or telephone us. , or + 01773 872780

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See the first pictures of out next model, the Austin 14 hp Goodwood. Click HERE



I am often asked, "what are white metal models, and why are they so expensive?". To answer this it is necessary to explain the production of white metal models. Spa Croft Models, and the other white metal model manufacturers, generally produce models which are not considered commercially viable by the diecast manufacturers such as Corgi, as they often have a limited appeal. The metal used in the die casting process ia a hard metal, and can only be cast in steel dies. The tooling costs are, therefore, extremely high, and because of this, the manufacturer has to be sure that his investment will be recouped. Subjects, therefore have to have a wide appeal, and be capable of being produced in a variety of forms and liveries, with little, or no alteration. Plastic is used to produce many of the smaller items such as radiator grilles, bumpers etc., and interiors, because this is also cheaper. Generally the only none metal parts used in white metal models are rubber for the tyres, and acetate for the windows. Everything else is metal which contributes to the weight of the model and its overall impression of quality.

Whilst the production of white metal models is still not cheap, because the metal used has a low melting point, rubber moulds can be used to cast the models, by means of centrifugal casting, and it is this process that is much cheaper than die casting, because tooling costs are much less. "Why is the end product so much more expensive?", I hear you ask. There are several reasons. Because of the limited appeal of many of the subjects of white metal models, for instance, they may only be known in the UK, and therefore have no interest world wide, the recovery of tooling costs is spread over a smaller number of units, very often no more than 600 pieces. Each model is also hand built, and hand finished, and in some cases, hand polished. This is a very labour intensive part of the production of white metal models, and because production is totally local, the white metal manufacturers cannot benefit from the much cheaper foreign labour available to our  colleagues in the diecast model industry.

"Why should I buy white metal models then", you may ask. Because you are getting a special model which no one else produces. None of the models produced by Spa Croft Models is currently available from any other manufacturer, die cast or white metal. White metal models are very often more accurate and have more detail than their die cast counterparts, although the die cast manufacturers are now recognising the demands of the discerning collector, and things are definitely improving; the finish of white metal models is of a greater quality because they are handbuilt; your collection will be more unique because there are fewer examples of each model around, and I suppose, to be a little light hearted, you will not be filling you cabinets as quicky, because you will be buying less of the more expensive models, unless of course you are a lottery winner. Ultimately, the value of your collection may increase more, because of the desirabilty of these little gems, but that's a bonus. Collecting is about the fun of it, and the intrinsic value of your collection.

Happy collecting.


Proposed Models for 2002

Standard Vanguard Phase III standard.JPG (18854 bytes)

We are to produce a different version of our highly popular Standard Vanguard Phase III.

The new model will be the standard version of the Phase III, which was the first Phase III to be produced. The current Spa Croft Model is the de luxe version, which eventually displaced the standard version. Our new model will be devoid of the chrome strip, and the colour configuration will be different; the body and B Post will be one colour, and the roof, A post and rear post another colour. The model shown is Black over Lavender Grey. It is proposed to produce a Sunset Red over Beige version (photo to appear shortly). This will be limited to no more than 200 pieces (100 of each colour), although, as usual, another 100 will be available for finishing to customer sepcification.

Please note that this model will only be available direct from Spa Croft Models.  Price is 79.00, inc P&P.

If you would like to add this model to your collection, please contact us direct, and we will reserve one for you. Please do not send any money at the moment.


Standard Vanguard Sportsman. Spring/Summer 2002

Sportsman.JPG (12671 bytes)

Austin 14hp Goodwood. Spring 2002

Austin Goodwood Rear.JPG (11599 bytes)    wpe7E.jpg (6907 bytes)    Austin Goodwood front.JPG (13238 bytes)

Here are the first pictures of our new model. These are photographs of the unpainted master. The finished model will be far more refined, including details such as seperate door handles, windscreen wipers, in fact all the usual refinements associated with Spa Croft Models. Proposed colours are Westminster Green, and Maroon, both on Black mudguard/running roard assemblies. Only 200 models of each colour will be issued, plus an additional 100 for finishing to collectors own specification. If you would prefer a model to your own finish, then it is important to place your order as early as possible, to assist us with production..Price is not known yet, but it is anticipated to be around 89.00. The model will be availble from direct fromSpa Croft Models, or from your usual dealer. Orders can be placed now to ensure early delivery

As usual, a specially commisioned version of a different colour, will be available as a prize in the usual Spa Croft Models draw, forms for which will be included with each model.

As with most of our models, the new Austin Goodwood has been mastered by Kenna Models, who will also be responsible for painting and final assembly.

Click Here to see pictures of the Phase III Standard Vanguard

Standard Vanguard Phase III Green Small.JPG (20463 bytes) MORRIS OXFORD SERIES III.JPG (65646 bytes)


AUSTIN A70 HAMPSHIRE.JPG (66242 bytes)

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The products of Spa Croft Models are available to distributors at trade prices. There is a minimum order of three models with each order. Please write, phone, fax or e-mail for further details.