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Tibshelf Parish Council 

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Council Tax 2002/2003

The Council Tax for Bolsover District Council for 2002-2003, was approved on 1st March 2002 at a Special Meeting of the Council. Below is a table showing the Council Tax affecting Tibshelf Parish for all property bands, together with a comparitive table for the parish with the highest Council Tax (Whitwell), and that with the lowest (Blackwell). Of the 14 parishes in the District of Bolsover, Tibshelf is ranked the 13th lowest.

The Council Tax is calculated from the financial requirements of all the authorities within the County of Derbyshire, including Derbyshire County County Council, the Police Authority, Bolsover District Council, and Tibshelf Parish Council.

TIBSHELF 734.77 857.23 979.69 1,102.16 1,347.09 1,592.01 1,836.93 2,204.32
WHITWELL 758.72 885.17 1,011.62 1,138.08 1,390.99 1,643.90 1,896.80 2,276.16
BLACKWELL 729.69 851.29 972.91 1,094.53 1,337.77 1,580.99 1,824.22 2,189.06

The new rates will apply from 1st April 2002.