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Tibshelf Parish Council

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The Village Hall will be open from 3rd August 2002. The reason for the delay is the lack of chairs, for which we are awaiting the delivery

Next Parish Council Meeting: Tuesday 20th August 2002 at 7.15 p.m. in the Pavilion on the Parish Sports Ground. Please note that during the building works at the Village Hall, all Parish Council meetings will be held in the pavilion on the Sports Ground.

Everyone welcome.


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For many years, the horse chestnut trees adjacent to Shetland Road, have been part of the character of the Parish Sports ground, and, like the poplar trees which also use to grace the "Crick", are held in great affection, particularly by the older residents of Tibshelf.

Many of you will have noticed that one of the chestnut trees lost its leaves quite early on in the summer. The tree has been inspected by the Derbyshire County Council, and it has been found that it has died, being infected with honey fungus, which is now quite apparent at the base of the tree.

Hf2.JPG (103209 bytes)Hf1.JPG (110943 bytes)

Whilst the tree is not in imminent danger of being blown over, or losing its branches, the Parish Council has, in the interests of public safety, authorised the felling, and removal of this tree.

Whilst it is not apparent at this stage, it is quite posible that the adjacent trees could also be affected, in which case, these would also have to be felled .

It has also been noticed that an earlier replacement tree has died. This wll be replaced at the same time as the replacement for tree described above.