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Tom Hulatt Commemoration

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Thursday May 6th will see the somewhat belated commemoration of local athlete Tom Hulatt's achievement of finishing third in Roger Bannister's famous first sub four minute mile race at Iffley Road, Oxford, 50 years ago. Tom's village of Tibshelf is recognising this achievement by dedicating a mile stretch of the Five Pits Trail as the "Tom Hulatt Mile". The mile will be identified by two marker stones, with suitably inscribed plaques, in coal measures sandstone, kindly donated by the National Trust, and with the full approval of the Derbyshire County Council. This event is the culmination of initial approaches made to the Tibshelf Parish Council several years ago by Tom's long time friend Cyril Leason, another local athlete from nearby Pilsley. Approaches were made to Derbyshire    

Approaches to the County Council were made by the Parish Council, which eventually resulted in a meeting with the Countryside Rangers, and the authors of the book, Peter & Paul Stanley. This meeting coincided with the inaugural meeting of the Tom Hulatt Commemoration Committee in November 2003. From then on, events have gathered pace and the result is the celebration at Tibshelf on 6th May 2004, the main event being the dedication of the Tom Hulatt Mile, and the unveiliong of the Monument at the Tibshelf end by His Grace the Duke of Devonshire.

The ceremony will be followed by an athletic event on the Tibshelf School sports field, supplemented by musical entertainment and a fireworks display