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Tibshelf Parish Council

Next Parish Council Meeting: Tuesday 17th April 2001 at 7.15 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Everyone welcome.


Tibshelf Parish Council 

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  • Tibshelf is a small village of around 3,500 inhabitants, and is situated in north east Derbyshire, in the north midlands of England. Like most settlements in this area, it was once a mining village, but the pits have long since closed and Tibshelf is now a dormitory settlement for the surrounding towns and cities.

    It is roughly equidistant from Chesterfield, 8 miles to the north, and Mansfield, 7 miles to the east, with the cities of Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby all within 20 miles. Tibshelf lies between the tourist areas of the Peak District to the west, and the Dukeries to the east. The famous Elizabethan House of Hardwick Hall is just about a mile away to the north, with other notable historic houses such as Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall, and Bolsover Castle close by. Tibshelf has the unique distinction of having the first land based oil well being located within the parish boundaries, a fact displayed on all the village signs at the village entrances.

    Administratively, Tibshelf is served by the District of Bolsover and Derbyshire County Council, as well as its own Parish Council.

    Tibshelf has one County Councillor. County Councillors are elected once every four years. The next election is in May 2001.



        There are two District Councillors. District Councillors are elected once every four           years. The next elections are in May 2003.

Mike Coupe Ind. 98, High Street, Tibshelf 01773 872780
Ray Heffer Ind. 22, Raven Avenue, Tibshelf 01773 872805

       The Parish Council has eleven members. Parish Councillors are elected once every four years. The next election is in May 2003.

Ian Kerry (Chairman)   Ind. 6, Skye Gardens, Tibshelf 01773 873925
Mike Pope (Vice Chairman)  Ind. 2, Heathfield Gardens 01773 874717
Alsion Beckett   Ind. 6, Haddon Street 01773 590641
Mike Coupe  Ind. 98, High Street, Tibshelf 01773 872780
Ray Heffer  Ind. 22, Raven Avenue, Tibshelf 01773 872805
Dave Hollis  Ind. 2, Skye Gardens, Tibshelf 01773 873320
Bernard McCabe   Lab. 55, Peveril Road, Tibshelf 01773 873197
Pat Rhodes  Ind. 67, Peveril Road, Tibshelf 01773 872072
Mark Simpson   Ind. 86, Staffa Drive Tibshelf 01773 872179
Pam Trevelyan   Ind. 25, Hawthorne Avenue 01773 872868
John Vardy  Lab. 45, Peveril Road, Tibshelf 01773 873490

         The Clerk to the Parish Council.

Sharon Challands 150 Park Road, Chesterfield 01246 271397

Contact the Parish Council on

The Parish Council is responsible for a limited number of Local Government functions. The Committes and their functions are as follows.

Cemetery Commitee

The administartion of the cemetery including its maintenance, fees etc. The cemetery is located about half a mile to the south west of the village on Doe Hill Lane.

Sports Ground Liason Committe

The administration of the Parish Sports Ground, the charging of letting fees, and general maintenance. The Parish Sports Ground is on Newton Road at the southern end of the village and has two football pitches and a cricket pitch with a modern pavillion. Tibshelf Tigers Football Club, The Crown Hotel Football Club and Tibshelf Cricket Club are the pricinpal sports clubs in the Village. Tibshelf Old Boys Football Club plays at the Tibshelf School playing fields at the "Top End"

Playground Liaison Committee

The administration and maintenance of the play areas. The Parish Council is responsible for three play areas in Tibshelf; Lincoln Street, Derwent Drive and the Parish Sports ground. A fourth play area on, Staffa Drive, is the responsibility of the District of Bolsover. There are advanced plans to provide play areas for the teenagers in the Parish as well as upgrading the existing facilities.

Audit Committe

The overseeing of the Parish Council finances

Village Hall Management Committee

To oversee the general running of the Village Hall which is run as a charity. The Committee comprises seven Parish Councillors plus four users groups representatives. Plans are well advanced for  substantial extensions to, and modernisation of the Village Hall which was built in the 1960s by the Old Peoples' Club.

Parallel Parish Council

An informal group of three Parish Councillors and eleven pupils from Tibshelf School set up to investigate the needs of the young people in the parish and to identify other problems. The members of the Parallel Parish Council are as follows;

Jemma Vardy (Lady Chairman)
David Vardy (Vice Chairman)
Stacy Ansell
Laura Buttery
Elizabeth Kay
Deborah Moore
Joanna Pepper
Darren Shaw
David Smith
Robert Smith
John White                                                                                                                           Martyn  Watkinson

Membership of the Parallel Parish Council is open to all young people who are resident in Tibshelf Parish and are over 11 years old, but who have not yet reached their 18th birthday. Membership is  by popular vote amongst the young people of the parish, or by default .



The District Of Bolsover .  E-mail:

Derbyshire County


Tibshelf School.  



Tibshelf Cricket Club. Lindsay Tideswell, Chairman.