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Tibshelf Parish Council

Next Parish Council Meeting: Tuesday 17th April 2001 at 7.15 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Everyone welcome.


Tibshelf Parish Council 

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The minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting, 20th February 2001, are now posted on this web site. See below.




Sharon Challands Telephone/Fax: 01246 271397

Clerk to the Council

150 Park Road


Derbyshire, S40 2LG

13 March 2001

Dear Councillor,

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7.15 pm on Tuesday, 20th March 2001, at the Village Hall, High Street, Tibshelf. Planning applications will be on display at 7 pm in the side room at the Village Hall.

Yours faithfully,

Clerk to the Council




1. Apologies for absence.

2. Declaration of Interest.

3. Walking for Health – Ros Sowerby.

4. Police Matters.

5. Parallel Parish Council.

6. Community Matters of Concern - PUBLIC FORUM.

7. To submit and if approved, confirm and sign the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 20th February 2001.

8. Matters arising from the Minutes.

9. Planning Applications and related matters

a. Planning Applications.

b. Planning Decisions.

10. Sporting Fortnight.

11. Tibshelf Calendar.

12. Applications for financial assistance.

13. Parish Cemetery.

14. Village Hall.

15. Sportsground.

16. Play Areas.

17. Environmental Matters.

a. Hanging Basket Scheme 2001.

18. Financial Matters:

a. Accounts for Payment.

b. 1999/2000 Audit.

19. Correspondence.

20. To fix the time and date of the next Meeting of the Parish Council.

Press and Public excluded under Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960

21. Matters Arising: Proposal to purchase land adjoining Sportsground.

22. Staff Holidays – Carry over of holidays into 2001/02.





Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th February 2001 at the Village Hall, High Street, Tibshelf.



Councillors I Kerry (Chairman), M Simpson, D Hollis, Mrs P Rhodes, Mrs A Beckett, J Vardy, M Pope, Mrs P Trevelyan, B McCabe and M Coupe.

Also present: WPC S Corbett, 3 members of the public, Debbie Moore (PPC), Jemma Vardy and Mrs S Challands (Clerk).


Councillor R Heffer. Elizabeth Kaye (PPC) and David Vardy (PPC).



(a) WPC Corbett thanked the Parish Council for their letter of thanks that was recently received by the Police.

(b) 198/00 (e) - Cyclist - It was reported that the child now has a suitable child seat and helmet for the cycle.

(c) Cars without Tax Discs on King Street - WPC Corbett advised that the law has now changed so that all vehicles require taxing unless exemption is obtained. The cars on King Street have now been reported.

(d) 198/00 (d) - Crime Prevention Day - It was reported that this was a successful event. The meeting expressed its thanks to the Police and CAN. The Police are now looking into holding a "Drugs Awareness" event following requests at this event.

(e) Problem Motorcyclists - WPC Corbett advised that this matter was being dealt with.

(f) Egg throwing - It was reported that eggs were being thrown at shopfronts at the bottom end of the village. WPC Corbett advised that she will get "CAN" involved to monitor the situation.

(g) Crime Figures - A total of 49 crimes had been reported since the last Parish Council meeting (23 at the motorway service station), they are as follows:

1. 1 Attempted theft from a vehicle.

2. 16 Thefts.

3. 16 Thefts from vehicles.

4. 5 Thefts of a motor vehicle.

5. 2 Garage burglaries.

6. 4 Criminal damage to a vehicle.

7. 4 Criminal damage.

8. 1 Theft of a pedal cycle.

WPC Corbett left the meeting at this point.


(a) Parallel Parish Council Committee - Jemma Vardy informed the meeting that the first Parallel Parish Council Committee had been held and the members had found it very useful. She has arranged a meeting with Mr Crowe next week to discuss the litter campaign. The meeting was informed that Jemma is the Chair and David Vardy is the Vice-Chair of the Committee.


(a) Grass Green on Derwent Drive - Requests were put to the meeting by local residents to have the green tarmaced so that cars could be parked on them or drives created for the houses there. This would relieve parking congestion and help stop children playing on there with balls. It was resolved that Councillor Coupe shall pursue this with The District of Bolsover and Derbyshire County Council.

(b) Litter and Dog Fouling - Councillor Pope informed the meeting that the top end of Tibshelf is disgusting because of the amount of litter and dog fouling. It was reported that as soon as the Litter Picker clears the litter, the streets are as bad again. The Parallel Parish Council is currently looking at this problem and a poster campaign is to be done shortly as previously agreed by the Parish Council.

(c) Dogs on Addison Street - It was reported that two Alsatian dogs who are free to roam in their garden are frightening people when they walk past because the dogs lunge at them. It was reported that it is likely that nothing can be done but it was resolved that Councillor Pope shall pass on the address to the Clerk who will discuss the matter with the dog wardens at The District of Bolsover.

(d) Animals to the rear of the Wheatsheaf Public House - It was reported that the welfare of the animals is already being dealt with by the RSPCA and Police.

(e) Tibshelf Parish Council Website - Councillor Coupe informed the meeting that the Parish Council now has a website on He outlined the contents of the website.

(f) Assistance - It was resolved that a letter of thanks shall be sent to Mr K Spencer and Mr R Ganley for their assistance at Christmas and with repairs to the flagpole at the church.


The Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council Meeting held on 16th January 2001 were submitted, approved and signed as a true record subject to the following amendments: Moved MC, Second MP.

(a) 196/00 - Debbie Moore was present at the meeting.

(b) 200/00 (b) - It was Waverley Street and Heathfield Gardens and not Babbington Street.


(a) 198/00 (g) - Double Yellow Lines - The Clerk informed the meeting that they should be done in March.

(b) 200/00 (c) - Recycling Bins on Brooke Street - It was reported that things had improved but now some of the bins were full and bags were being put at the side again. It was resolved that Councillor Coupe shall pursue this further with The District of Bolsover.

(c) 200/00 (a) - Bus Shelter on Mansfield Road - Councillor Coupe advised that a plan has been sent as requested. The resident informed the meeting that the plans had not been correct and amended ones are due. They are happy with the proposed siting. The shelter is to be erected at the end of March.

(d) 200/00 (b) - Potholes - The holes have now been filled. Dr Duffield has been approached but is unwilling to pay for a "look left" sign. Derbyshire County Council are looking to mark the junction with a white line.

(e) 202/00 (h) - Traffic Calming - The Clerk distributed the response from Mr Sturmer. It was resolved that the letter is noted and that any further letters received by the Clerk should be referred back to Mr Sturmer advising that as it is a matter for Derbyshire County Council, correspondence should be limited to them.

(f) 208/00 (a) - Damage to Sportsground - The meeting was informed that the police are still pursuing the matter.

(g) 208/00 (d) - Lights at Pavilion - The Clerk reported that the cost would be 100. It was resolved that the Clerk shall look at the original specification to see who recommended the 7 day timer. If it was Ecolite, they should be asked to replace this as it is not suitable. Failing this, Councillor Kerry shall purchase an appropriate timer.

(h) 213/00 - Enable Housing - The Clerk read a letter of thanks from Enable Housing following a constructive meeting. They will keep the Parish Council informed of their developments.

(i) 213/00 (10) - Derbyshire Village of the Year 2001 - It was resolved that Standing Orders shall be suspended for this item. It was further resolved that the decision made last month to enter the competition be changed and the competition shall not be entered.

(j) 183/00 - Noticeboards - The Clerk informed the meeting that following the decision in December, she had now received information that the noticeboards will be more expensive because of the delay since the original quotation. It was resolved that in view of this new information, the Clerk is authorised to purchase 4 noticeboards from Metrosigns at a cost of 487.50 each plus carriage. It was further resolved that The District of Bolsover shall be asked to install them and remove the existing boards.


(a) 01/00058/FUL - Erection of double garage at Cedar Cottage, Chesterfield Road for Mr and Mrs R S Norman - It was resolved that the Parish Council has no objections subject to the materials of construction matching those of neighbouring properties.

(b) 01/00043/FUL - Crown lift beech trees and sycamore and lop 1 sycamore (by 2/3rds) at Hurst Lodge, 73 Chesterfield Road for Mrs S Nyland - It was resolved that the Parish Council has no objections.

(c) Various planning decisions were distributed and noted by the meeting.

(d) Derby and Derbyshire Joint Structure Plan - The meeting noted that the John Structure Plan has now been adopted.

(e) Speaking at the Planning Committee at The District of Bolsover - The District of Bolsover had resolved to introduce a new system in respect of the consideration of planning applications by the Planning Committee. As part of this, Parish Council’s are now able to send a representative to the meeting if wished. This was noted by the meeting.


It was resolved that the Equal Opportunities Statement as suggested by The District of Bolsover shall be adopted by the Parish Council.

Debbie Moore and 2 members of the public left the meeting at this point.


The surgery has been approached and has no objections to the siting of a memorial seat there. It was resolved that the Parish Council shall purchase and install a memorial seat at a cost of 500. A small ceremony shall be held which shall be arranged by Councillor Kerry. Moved MC, second AB.

It was further agreed that the Parish Council has no objections to a stone memorial seat being sited outside the village hall and Councillor Kerry shall contact Derbyshire County Council regarding its position. Moved MC, second AB.


Councillor Simpson suggested that the Parish Council puts together a calendar with the aim of raising money for charity. It was resolved that Councillor Simpson shall come back to the next meeting with approximate costings.


(a) Cemetery Charges - It was resolved that a charge of 10 shall be included on the cemetery fees for the re-opening of a cremated remains plot.

(b) Amendment of Cemetery Rules and Regulations - The Clerk had distributed a copy of the original rules and regulations which had been split to reflect the relevance to the appropriate recipient. It was resolved that the newly split Rules and Regulations be accepted and that the Cemetery Committee shall only meet once a year and at other times as considered necessary. Moved MP, second PT.


(a) Village Hall Management Committee - The Minutes of the meeting held on 12th December 2000 were accepted. Moved MC, second PT.


(a) First Aid Box at Pavilion - It had been recommended by the Sportsground Committee, that as an employer, the Parish Council should provide a first aid box at the pavilion. It was resolved that Councillor Kerry shall organise the provision of a first aid box at the pavilion and instruct the caretaker on keeping it fully supplied.

(b) John Lawson’s Circus - The Clubs had raised concerns over the circus using the field. The comments were noted and Councillor Kerry agreed that he will meet the circus on site to discuss positioning of the equipment.

(c) Tibshelf R/C RCC - It was resolved that the Club shall not be allowed to use the grounds in March but that, subject to ground conditions, there will be no problem with them using the Sportsground on the 13th and 14th July subject to a charge of 5 per caravan/tent for the weekend. Moved AB, Second BM.

(d) Caretakers Report - The Caretaker had reported that a hole had been put in the wall in the home changing room at the pavilion. The Clerk has already requested a quotation for the cost of repairing the damage. A discussion was held over the cleanliness of the rooms after matches and Members were advised to inspect the pavilion rooms themselves to clearly understand the problem. It was resolved that Councillor Kerry shall speak to the Caretaker regarding the weekend inspections, the issue of leaving the gates open will be discussed at the Sportsground Liaison Committee and a letter shall be sent to all Clubs requesting that they ensure that the gates are locked.

(e) Sportsground Liaison Committee - The Minutes of the meeting held on 11th November 2000 were accepted. Moved MC, second AB.


Litter Bin at Derwent Drive - The Clerk advised that The District of Bolsover has agreed to contribute 50% towards the cost of providing a litter bin at the Derwent Drive play area. It was resolved that a free standing bolted to concrete base litter bin shall be installed at Derwent Drive. Cost to the Parish Council 150. The bin shall be emptied by the Play Area Inspector. Moved AB, second MC.


Litter Campaign - Councillor Coupe informed the meeting that he is waiting for some information from The District of Bolsover before he is able to complete the posters.


(a) The following accounts for payment were approved.

1797 B Turvey - Organist at Carol Concert 35.00

1798 Jackson Building Centres Ltd - Surefix Resin for church flag pole 32.82

1799 Commutaports Ltd - Repairs to bus shelter* 249.10

1800 Chesterfield Male Voice Choir - Carol Concert 100.00

1801 Shanks Waste Services Ltd - Skip and bin at cemetery 177.68

1802 The District of Bolsover - Play Area annual inspections (ROSPA) 240.41

1803 S Challands - Clerks Salary inc standing expenses and mileage - net of PAYE and NIC - March See 237/00

1804 T Redman - Caretakers Revised Salary net of PAYE & NIC - March 316.22

1805 L Gasson - Street Cleaners Salary net of PAYE & NIC - March 389.70

1806 Inland Revenue - March PAYE and NIC 446.74

(b) Income from 16.1.01 to 20.2.01

Cemetery - various 248.00

VAT Refund (inc village hall) 892.13

Community Grants Funding from BDC 644.75

Insurance Reclaim for Bus Shelter damage 112.00


TOTAL 1896.88

(c) Bank Balance as at 8.2.01 is 70754.79.

(d) Internal Audit Committee - The Minutes of the meeting held on 19th September 2000 were accepted.


233/00 CORRESPONDENCE - For Information

1. Clay Cross Community Police Consultative Group - Agenda for meeting on 20.1.01 and Minutes of meeting held on 23.10.00.

2. Derbyshire County Council - Countryside Events in Derbyshire 2001 Booklet.

3. East Midlands Development Agency - "Email" Magazine.

4. Derbyshire County Council - Road Accidents in Derbyshire 1999 - Factsheet and Summary.

5. The District of Bolsover - Minutes and Reports of Committees for submission to the Council meeting held on 21st February 2001.

6. South Normanton Assembly - Minutes of the meeting held on 8th February 2001.

7. Coalfields Community Campaign - Letter and booklet updating on the Campaign with respect to Miners’ Pensions Fund Surpluses.

8. Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service - Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 1999/2000.

9. "Read On - Write Away!" - Funding information of projects to support literacy development.

10. "Local Food - Local People" - Newsletter.

11. Derbyshire County Council - SACRE Annual Report 1999/2000.

12. Derbyshire County Council - Personal Mobility Strategy and Public Transport Strategy.

234/00 CORRESPONDENCE - For Discussion

1. Derbyshire County Council - Festivals Survey - It was resolved that Councillor Kerry shall complete the questionnaire.

2. The Council for the Protection of Rural England - Quiet Lanes - Invitation to a briefing on the new "Quiet Lanes Initiative" which could provide substantial environmental improvements in the parish where funding can be obtained from the Parish Transport Grant. It was resolved that this item be noted.

3. DALC - Clerks Training Day - It was resolved that the Clerk attends this course at a cost of 5.

4. DALC - Community Safety Panel - It was resolved that Councillor Simpson shall be put forward as representative on this panel.

5. DALC - Post Offices - There is a conference on 27.2.01 at County Hall. This was noted.

6. Derbyshire County Council - Reinstatement of Love Lane - It was agreed that Councillors Coupe and Kerry shall attend the meeting on 6th March.


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday, 20th March 2001 at 7.15 p.m. at the Village Hall.

All remaining members of the public left the meeting at this point.

235/00 The Chairman moved that the Press and Public be excluded under Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 for the following item.


It was resolved that the Clerk shall contact The District of Bolsover to advise them of the Council’s interest in leasing the land off Sunnybank. It was further resolved that the Clerk responds to Mr and Mrs Marples offering 14,000 for their land reference OS9200. It was also resolved that Derbyshire County Council be contacted to advise on possible costings for the project. Moved MC, Second PT.


It was resolved that the Clerk shall trade her remaining holidays for pay.


It was resolved that 2 steel doors shall be purchased from Attenborough Industrial Doors Limited at a price of 925.00 fitted.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.50pm.

Chairman ……………………………………

Date ……………………………………